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Texte: Darian Leader, Ian Jeffrey und einem Gespräch zwischen Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen und Henry Bond
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Henry Bond

Cult of the street (engl.)

Bond's photographs of London street fashion capture its youth - and in particular the young women – scowling and pouting; his subjects are often shopping and at leisure, and he happens upon them in medias res as they turn a corner, or pause to pay for a purchase. Some are well-prepared to accept the gaze of his lens and then his presence is met with a vacant stare: the one who has caught his eye acknowledging the camera unembarrassed and unbowed: proud of their branded designer garments and carefully preened image. On Bond's streets, the energy and vitality of London in the long hot days that led up to the car crash in Paris and the millennium is always present in the pose and the gestures of its brazen youth.