Schleswig-Holsteinischer Kunstverein e.V.

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Art societies like the Kunstverein have a long tradition in Germany

Kunstvereinsreise nach Island
Kunstvereinsreise nach Island

The Schleswig-Holsteinischer Kunstverein was founded in 1843 with the goal of providing artists as well as friends and lovers of the arts the possibility of viewing art together and exchanging ideas about what is perceived in art or recent developments.

With great commitment and own works of art, the Kunstverein laid the foundations in the ensuing years for the art collections of the Kunsthalle zu Kiel.

Today the Kunstverein organizes its own shows in the Kunsthalle zu Kiel and additionally supports the museum’s exhibition projects. It likewise provides the over 1200 art-fascinated Kunstverein members with the opportunity of participating in domestic and international art trips and lectures on current issues, in the publication of an annual volume, and finally, though not least, in its special celebrations organized exclusively for members.