Publisher: Anette Hüsch
Texts: Anette Hüsch, Dörte Zbikowski, Emilia Stenzel/ Gabriel Dorfman, Miguel Chaia/ Vera Chaia
167 pages
103 colour and black-and-white plates
ISBN 978-3-937208-31-2


Archive Utopia

Project Brasília by Lina Kim and Michael Wesely

Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, was inaugurated in 1960, and at first seems more an architectural myth, more fiction than a real city. The Brazilian-Korean artist Lina Kim and the German artist Michael Wesely went in search of this city from 2003 to 2009 in order to comprehend what the city is today as well as its archival past. The result of one part of their artistic search for traces of the past comprises findings from the Arquivo Brasilia of historical photographic material on the genesis of the city.

Simultaneously, the two artists Kim and Wesely also explored Brasilia from photographic viewpoints that in part were dictated by their research in the archives. The photographs are the result of very long exposure times and enhance the already utopian character of the city even more by imbuing the scenes with an unfamiliar haze and by a selection of unusual views of the city. Lina Kim’s (b. 1965) oeuvre consists of installations and photography. Her work has been shown in leading national and international exhibitions, including the 25th São Paulo Biennial and in the Martin Gropius Building in Berlin. Michael Wesely (b. 1963) has participated in numerous international exhibitions, including the 25th São Paulo Biennial, and had a solo exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art, New York.