Our publications

The Kunsthalle zu Kiel publishes accompanying catalogues for all its exhibitions. The following titles that have been highlighted in green are also available in English. You can find an overview of all our publications prior to 2010 at our German website

  1. Alicja Kwade – AMBO, Publikation Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Foto: Roman März
    Alicja Kwade – AMBO

    Publisher: Anette Hüsch
    56 pages
    21 color plates
    ISBN 978-3-937208-52-7
    9,90  €

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  2. Nolde and die Brücke

    Publisher: Hans-Werner Schmidt and Anette Hüsch
    270 pages
    260 colour and black-and-white plates
    ISBN 978-3-937208-50-3
    29,-  €

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  3. Anita Albus. The Art of Seeing

    Publisher: Anette Hüsch
    151 pages
    65 color plates
    ISBN 978-3-937208-51-0
    out of print

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  4. From Anxiety to Volution. Ludger Gerdes

    Publisher:  Sylvia Martin und Anette Hüsch
    208 pages
    217 color plates
    ISBN 978-3-903131-51-4
    out of print


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  5. Everything under the sun

    Publisher: Peter Thurmann and Anette Hüsch
    100 pages
     87 color plates
    ISBN 978-3-937208-49-7
    € 19,-

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  6. miriam cahn - AT EYE LEVEL

    Publisher: Anette Hüsch
    112 pages
    90 color plates
    ISBN 978-3-937208-48-0
    Out of print

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  7. Via Lewandowsky. Hokuspokus

    Publisher: Anette Hüsch
    160 pages
    68 color plates
    ISBN 978-3-937208-47-2
    € 24,-

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  8. Katalogcover-CAUboys_2015
    CAUboys. Art and University

    Publisher: Annette Weisner, Peter Thurmann and Anette Hüsch
    40 pages
    32 color plates
    ISBN 978-3-937208-46-6
    € 5,-

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