School classes

The Kunsthalle zu Kiel’s regular program

Classes 3-6

Activities Morning in all exhibitions
Following an introductory talk, our museum visitors can discover the Kunsthalle Collection by looking at artworks for themselves. Afterwards we will discuss the contents. In the painting class individual ideas will be made concrete at the easel.
Approx. 2 ½ hours in the morning, a maximum of 24 participants, € 3.00 per pupil.
Classes 7-13
The “Kiel Suitcase” and the “Blue-green Card Game”—two art games that will increase your learning!
For both games our visitors will separate into smaller groups and participate in a creative dialogue with individual art objects in the museum.
In the “Kiel Suitcase” game, pupils select objects from the suitcase by feeling them, and then assign them to an artwork. In the “Blue-green Card Game”, pupils choose a text and find a matching artwork. Pupils investigate artworks with a worksheet, and afterwards, in a plenary sesssion, the different groups present their reports with the results. The focus of the program is for children to discover how exciting art is and to enhance their self-assurance in regard to their own individual perception. The goal is to qualify or disqualify prejudices and learn interesting facts about art.
Group work, approx. 2 hours, a maximum of 30 participants, € 2.50 per pupil
Classes 10 – 13
Printmaking workshop – Intaglio printing
In conjunction with a guided tour of the Dürer exhibition we are offering a workshop in which students can learn to make prints using the drypoint technique. Prints will then be made from the plates using an etching press. As the workshop is time consuming and requires a lot of different materials, please keep the group small. Around 15 participants is the ideal number. Should you wish to book for a larger group the procedure for the course must be discussed prior to the course taking place.
Approx. 3 hours duration, approx. 15 participants, € 5.00 (includes cost of art materials) per student.


Special programs

Besides our permanent program for school classes we additionally offer special programs in conjunction with the exhibitions we are currently showing.

For further information please see:
Annina Mohr
Phone: +49 431 88057-66