We would like the art in our institution to be fully accessible to visitors.

The following information is to support you during your visit to the Kunsthalle. Please call +49 431 88057-56 to reach the ticket desk team, who will be happy to help you.

Arrival by public transport

  • Bus lines 41, 42; Bus stop: Kunsthalle. 
  • Click here for directions for the blind and visually impaired.
  • Bus lines 32, 42, 61, 62 and 705 take you to the Schlossgarten and Kieler Hauptbahnhof stops.

Parking spaces

The marked disabled parking space is on the right of the entrance to the Kunsthalle grounds, about 50 metres from the main entrance. The driveway is paved with cobblestones and cannot be accessed by wheelchair without assistance. 

On the left side of the driveway, a firm gravel path that you can drive on leads you via the main entrance to the side entrance in Schlossgarten.

Barrier-free access to the Kunsthalle

Main entrance via Düsternbrooker Weg

To the left of the main door, a ground-level entrance leads into the glass porch and cloakroom of the Kunsthalle. The entrance door is 82-cm high by 96-cm wide with an automatic door opener. 

Side entrance via Schlossgarten 

The side entrance can be reached via the driveway on Düsternbrooker Weg and via the entrance to Schlossgarten Hegeischstraße on the corner of Arnold-Heller-Straße. The side entrance is at ground level with a door width of 166cm, but without an automatic door opener.

Barrier-free access to the Kunsthalle

Exhibition rooms

The collection and exhibition rooms are on the ground floor and spread over three floors (ground, mezzanine and upper floor), each accessible by elevators. 

Upstairs there are three ramps with an inclination of 4.7% and 5.9%. The narrowest passageway is 92cm wide. In the exhibition area, the doors do not have a door opener. 

The Kunsthalle is furnished with marble floors and carpets.


From the cloakroom to the foyer: 
Elevator with entrances on both sides. Door width: 88.5cm wide, depth: 152cm.

From the foyer to the mezzanine and first floor (exhibition rooms and café):
Door width: 80cm, depth: 140cm

From the foyer to the second floor (study hall and administration office):
Door width: 180cm, depth: 166cm 
The use of the lift is only possible when accompanied. The ticket desk team will be happy to help you.

Study room

The study room of the Prints and Drawings Collection is located on the second floor where the administration offices are found. 

Painting workshop

The entrance to the painting workshop is 81cm wide. There is restricted freedom of movement in the room.

Barrier-free toilet  

The barrier-free toilet is located on the first floor. 

  • Door width: 88cm, without door opener,
  • Area of movement in front of the toilet: 100cm
  • Height of the toilet seat: 47.5cm
  • Transfer area to the left of the toilet: 143cm
  • There is no transfer area to the right of the toilet
  • The handle is to the right of the toilet
  • The washbasin can be lowered
  • There is an emergency bell


The café is located on the mezzanine floor. Freedom of movement is restricted here.

Lecture hall
The lecture hall is located on the ground floor and is flat. During events, seats are reserved and marked for guests with restrictions. 

Museum shop

The museum shop is located in the foyer opposite the cash register. Freedom of movement is restricted.


The library is located in the basement. It can be accessed via two lifts in the foyer. Please contact the cash register team to accompany you to the library.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs are welcome in the showrooms.


Seating is available in the foyer and occasionally in the exhibition rooms. In addition, folding stools are available so that you can sit down at any time during your visit. Guests can borrow a wheelchair at the cash desk.


Free #SH_WLAN is available in some areas of the Kunsthalle. 

Achieving more together

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Andrea Fuest M.A.
Head of Art Education
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