Our lively museum with its varied exhibition programme and wide range of educational programmes receives active support.

Private individuals, foundations, third-party donors and companies support our institution. They promote the expansion of the collection and its research and maintenance. The exhibitions and the education programmes are created together with cooperation partners. The Kunsthalle zu Kiel already owes its creation to an act of great personal generosity. The Schleswig-Holstein Art Association was founded as early as 1843, and its collection was complemented from the outset by substantial donations from private collectors. Lotte Hegewisch, a member of the association and the daughter of the university professor Franz Hermann Hegewisch, laid the foundation stone for the Kunsthalle zu Kiel with her legacy at the beginning of the 20th century. 

Since the 1970s, the Circle of Patrons has supported the Kunsthalle significantly in its acquisition of international contemporary art. The Kunsthalle’s extension, which opened in 1986, is also thanks to the commitment of the circle.

The Karl-Walter Breitling and Charlotte Breitling Foundation has also contributed significantly to the expansion of representational positions in the collection since the 1990s.

The Kunsthalle zu Kiel also enriches its cooperation with local partners such as NDRkultur, Kieler Kaufmann, me and all hotel kiel, Bootshaus 1862.
The Kunsthalle is very grateful to all these committed patrons of the arts and thanks existing partners while looking forward to future cooperations. 

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