Right here. Right now. Guest exhibition of Jeppe Hein’s work within the collection

3 October 2020 to 21 February 2021

Ausstellungsansicht "Right here. Right now.", 2020 © Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Foto: Helmut Kunde
Ausstellungsansicht "Right here. Right now.", 2020 © Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Foto: Helmut Kunde

On the occasion of the German-Danish Cultural Friendship Year, the Kunsthalle zu Kiel in cooperation with the Schleswig-Holsteinischer Kunstverein will be showing works by Danish-born Jeppe Hein in the context of artistic positions from the collection. The exhibition is dedicated to mirrors, reflections and duplication in the broadest sense. In the works various approaches to abstraction and self-reflection, multiplication and distortion, put one’s own perception and the idea of what a picture is to the test.

Jeppe Hein tries to connect to the viewer of his works by making interactive art. Communication and participation have become the focus of his interest and are the distinguishing features of his art. Mirrors and one’s reflection in them heighten our awareness of the space surrounding the work and nudge us into making contact – with oneself and others. Jeppe Hein’s works in public spaces invite passers-by to experience them through their own actions. In Kiel, his walk-in water feature, Changing Invisibility, has become the focal point of the Hiroshima park. Hein is one of the most internationally renowned contemporary artists and is constantly involved in exhibitions at home and abroad.

The selected positions in the Kunsthalle’s collection are linked to Jeppe Hein’s examination of reflections. For the first time, WeltenLinie by Alicja Kwade, which was specially made for the Kunsthalle in 2018, will be shown in the context of our collection.

Artists in the group exhibition:

Josef Albers, Willi Baumeister, Tony Bevan, Conrad Böhndel, Gottfried Brockmann, Jürgen Brodwolf, Peter Brüning, Harald Duwe, Carl Rudolph Fiebig, Isa Genzken, K.O. Götz, Jeppe Hein, Gerhard Hoehme, Georg Friedrich Kersting, Willy Knoop, Alicja Kwade, Adolf Luther, Stefan Panhans, Max Sudhues, Emilio Vedova, Bill Viola