We dedicate the foundation to the visual arts, a passion we share.

The commitment of the patrons Karl-Walter and Charlotte Breitling demonstrates a lively connection to the visual arts and its history. Since 1993, the Karl-Walter Breitling and Charlotte Breitling Foundation has provided the Kunsthalle zu Kiel with permanent loans. Thanks to their commitment, the Kunsthalle’s collection, founded in 1854 by the Schleswig-Holstein Art Association, has continually expanded. The purchases are based on the couple’s vision: “We are referring to the classical figurative art style as it has been practised for centuries, in which artists have depicted their emotions and impressions in such a way that the artworks remain firmly anchored in the real world.”

This had led to purchases by the foundation of works by Carl Spitzweg, Erich Heckel and Lesser Ury, to name just a few of their acquisitions. In 2016, the foundation acquired a total of 63 works from Anita Albus. This purchase is the first contemporary and most extensive to date by the Karl-Walter Breitling and Charlotte Breitling Foundation. With a few exceptions, the Kunsthalle now houses all of the artist’s works up to 2004.

The Karl-Walter Breitling and Charlotte Breitling Foundation gladly accepts donations and endowments.

Foundation Board of Governors: 
Dr Anette Hüsch, Kunsthalle zu Kiel
Friederike Rummer, Kunststiftung HSH Nordbank

Chairman of the Board of Trustees: 
Prof Gerhard Fouquet, History Seminar of Kiel University

Board of Trustees: 
Dr Bernd Brandes-Druba, Sparkassen- and Giro Association for Schleswig-Holstein 
Dr Jörn Winterfeld 
Dr Martin Skaruppe, Förde Sparkasse

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