The Kunsthalle facilitates special projects in cooperation with various partners. 


Lilli-Martius-Schule Kiel

The Lilli Martius School, a primary and secondary comprehensive school in Kiel, already bears a connection to the Kunsthalle through its name. In a merger in 2012, the teachers and pupils opted to rename their school in honour of the Kunsthalle’s first female custodian. Lilli Martius made a name for herself in the Second World War as a saviour of numerous works of art.

As part of a cooperation that has existed since 2013, special projects can be carried out. The pupils of the Lilli Martius School regularly visit the Kunsthalle and, besides coming into contact with art, gain insights into the biography of their school’s namesake. 

The Institute for Quality Development (IQSH) at schools in Schleswig-Holstein

The IQSH and the Kunsthalle zu Kiel have been working closely together since 2015 to educate and train teachers. Students and teachers are regularly given insight into the Kunsthalle’s educational concepts during their training. Programmes for school classes can be learned and tried out on site. Every six months, the Kunsthalle also offers its own or a cooperative training event. 

Be Smart, Don’t Start!

The nationwide prevention project ‘Be Smart, Don’t Start!’ started in 1996 and is aimed at grades 6 to 8 in schools. The Kunsthalle has been participating in the project since the 2016/17 school year. Every year, we raffle a workshop from our current programme for schools, which successful participants can attend free of charge.

To win one of the numerous prizes, students pledge to forego cigarettes, shisha and tobacco in any form for six months. 


Children and young people can visit Schleswig-Holstein’s museums free of charge with the MuseumsCard during the summer and autumn holidays. The initiative by the federal state government and Schleswig-Holstein savings banks started in 2006 in cooperation with the Schleswig-Holstein Museum Association. The Kunsthalle has been involved in the initiative since the beginning and looks forward to opening its doors to children and young people every year.

The MuseumsCard is available from all savings banks and participating museums.

Living with Cancer Foundation 

Since 2012, the Kunsthalle, together with the Stiftung Leben mit Krebs (Living with Cancer Foundation), has offered a programme for patients who have oncological diseases, as well as those who have overcome them. Among other things, the foundation supports arts projects that help to process the burdens and the consequences of enduring severe illness. Talks about art and participants’ creative contributions invite groups to discover points of contact between art and life and to gain new perspectives. 

Andersicht e.V. – Competence for hearing and tactile projects

The association Andersicht e.V. has supported the Kunsthalle in creating programmes for visually impaired and blind gallery visitors since 2019. Together, we discuss questions such as how fine art can be conveyed in guided tours or prepare exhibitions for the senses of hearing and touch.

artegrale — Cultural Initiative of the Drachensee Foundation 

The arts workshop and studio gallery artegrale – for people with and without disabilities – advises the Kunsthalle on accessibility. Its inclusive painting courses are regularly on offer for the Kunsthalle’s current exhibitions, accompanied by a guided tour. 



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