A visit to the Kunsthalle is again possible without restrictions.

The generally applicable hygiene regulations must be observed.

Use the Kunsthalle as a venue for extracurricular learning and explore a wide variety of themes from our exhibitions.

Daycare and school groups of all ages and types are very welcome at the Kunsthalle zu Kiel and have free admission. We offer a variety of activity programmes to accompany all exhibitions as well talks to educate children about art through activity, oriented to different target groups. Our qualified team gets children and young people involved in an active dialogue.

The scope of modules ranges from the first introduction to an exhibition all the way to an intensive examination of artistic strategies. Our spacious work areas in the Kunstwerft and Malklasse offer visitors the opportunity for hands-on participation.

There are a few rules to be observed in the Kunsthalle, you can download it here.

Museum rules (in German)

Take a free bus on a cultural trip

In an initiative by the Kiel Forum’s Network of Culture and Science, children who live in Kiel can go on cultural and science trips for free up to 14 years. Tickets are conveniently sent to you by post with just a few clicks. 

Register here

Visiting without a programme or guided tour

If you would like to visit the Kunsthalle with your class without booking a programme or guided tour, please register in advance for organisational reasons.

Programmes you can book

Daycare and school
Sniff art!
Preschoolers to 3rd grade
90 minutes
Daycare and school
Exhibition talks
5th to 13th grade
90 minutes
Daycare and school
Watch out, fresh paint!
1st to 6th grade 
120 to 150 minutes
Daycare and school
Discover art with the Kiel Suitcase
1st to 13th grade 
90 minutes
Daycare and school
Drawing walk
5th to 13th grade
90 minutes
Daycare and school
5th to 13th grade 
150 minutes
Daycare and school
Mix and Match!
9th to 13th grade
150 minutes
Daycare and school
Artistic research: Annette Kelm - The Books
10th to 13th grade
120 minutes

If you are interested in one of our bookable programmes, please fill out the form.


Teacher inductions and in-service training

A visit with your class should run as smoothly as possible. So, get to know our exhibitions and related offers in advance free of charge! For each new exhibition, we offer introductory courses exclusively for teachers and educators, during which you will receive an overview of the exhibition and its associated school or daycare programme. We also organise further training courses for teachers on changing topics every six months in cooperation with the Institute for Quality Development Schleswig-Holstein (IQSH). 

Material for teachers

For teachers who would like to visit the exhibition or deal with individual works on their own, we provide visual and informational material as well as task sheets.

Material for teachers: The Wild, the Weird and the Wonderful. Focusing on nature in the Kunsthalle Collection (in German)

Exhibition brochure: The Wild, the Weird and the Wonderful. Focusing on nature in the Kunsthalle Collection

Material for teachers: On Life and Surviving – The Threepenny Opera and the Art of its Time (in German)


Andrea Fuest M.A.
Head of Art Education
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