P.S. I Kiel You – Messages to the city

Workshop mit Dan Perjovschi

Juli 2017

What makes Kiel special for the people of Kiel? What is typical of Kiel? Which topics are important and how can they be communicated visually? Together with the artist Dan Perjovschi, people from Kiel got to the bottom of the city’s idiosyncrasies. They collected striking, hidden and whimsical views of Kiel. Participants drew them on a 35-metre-long wall in the Kunsthalle and sent their messages to the city on postcards they designed themselves.

With friendly support from the Dresden Paulsberg advertising agency and the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of the State of Schleswig-Holstein.

Transferable concept ‚Sozialkraftwerk – Nutzt das Museum!‘ Social Power House – Use the Museum!

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