Our team

Management and secretary´s office

Jeanine Knickrehm
Executive Secretariat

Collections and Exhibitions

Dr. habil. Regina Göckede
Deputy Director, Head of Collection Paintings and Sculpture, Curator
Dr. Annette Weisner
Head of Collection Prints and Drawings and Provenance Research, Curator
Dr. Dörte Zbikowski
Head of Library and Digital Collection, photo requests, Curator
Dr. Michael Lingohr
Provenance Research Assistant

Administration and Registrar

Mareike Otten M.A.
Head of Administration and Registrar
Eike Sophie Laages M.A.
Registrar and Exhibition Organisation
Jeanine Knickrehm
Facility Rentals

Studio and Depot

Bernhard Seifert, Edmund Sieck
Depot paintings and sculptures, workshop, exhibition technology
Nikolai Ziemer M.A.
Depot Graphic Collection

Restoration Care

Dipl.-Rest. Dorothée Simmert
Paintings and sculptures
Dipl.-Rest. Markus Freitag
Paintings and sculptures

Art Education

Andrea Fuest M.A.
Head of Art Education
Ann-Kathrin Wiltsch M.Ed.
School Classes Programme

Press and Public Relations

Nadine Nasemann B.A.
Project Assistance Art Education / Press and Public Relations

Cash desk, information

Sonja Fehlau-Depri, Sven Matthiesen, Rainer Ochs

Janitor, Technics


Line Cordes, Isabel Komissarov, Antje Liß


Schleswig-Holsteinischer Kunstverein e.V.

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